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CMIS (Clinic Management & Information System)

Clinic Management Information System (CMIS) is a system for patient care and clinic management. CMIS automates the financial, administrative, and patient care activities of the clinic, and generates extensive management reports, and operational statistics. It generates as well as maintains Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and makes it available across the Clinics.

CMIS has been envisaged to not only help the administrators to have better monitoring and control of the functioning of clinics using decision support indicators but also assist the doctors and medical staff to improve health services with readily reference patient’s EMR. It also provides workflow-enabled processes and parameterized alarms and triggers while the patient treatment cycle.


The Coronavirus outbreak has hit the hospitality industry hard, we at Aarohi, we are determined to help hotels by providing IoT solutions. With IoT enabled rooms and EMS (Equipment Monitoring System), Hotels can heighten safety and guest experience by reducing touch points and also helps in reducing power wastage to a significant extent.

With Aarohi SmartSTAY solution, hotels can host their own PWA (Progressive web app)and stay connected with their guests'. Hotels can put guests' safety first and enhance hospitality. With BMS, hotels can control and monitor heavy load appliances and common area lighting directly from dashboard. The solution also benefits guests' avoiding them to install an application and experience the latest technology throughout the stay.


Our experts believe in providing the enterprise solutions for smooth and easy business operations, reduced business management costs and innovative software services to all our valuable customers. To boost the productivity and operational efficiency of your business, we are here to offer ERP solutions at competitive prices! For effective and efficient business solutions, ERP is technology-based ultimate transformation!

ERP is now simple and affordable”. Gone is the ERA of costly and complicated ERP. With our Cloud hosting options there’s no need for any IT Infrastructure or resources. Login and start

Easy to use - great to start your journey to move beyond accounting software and unite all your departments and team on one software for all areas (Including Inventory, Manufacturing, Sales, Purchase, Finance, CRM, HR etc)


eCommerce is one of the hottest sectors in the technology transformation space, offering organizations the opportunity to create new revenue streams from global customers, expand into new markets, and improve their operational efficiency. At the same time, companies need smart, end-to-end eCommerce solutions that address everything from your brand positioning to their technology platform. These systems need to work together seamlessly, driving targeted traffic and growing profitable revenue.

With our approach, businesses can achieve an effective and profitable online presence without breaking the bank. At Aarohi, we understand this. Our experience in technology and strategy help us focus on maximizing your business results in a cost-effective way. Aarohi is a an eCommerce solutions provider helping you maintain, modify, and customize your applications seamlessly.

On-demand Services

The on-demand services industry has overtaken traditional business models by providing goods and services to people at their convenience. Not just 1 or 2 but numerous industries have shaped from physical to digital in order to meet the evolving needs of the market.

The on-demand services have truly made strides in the past few years to give us more convenience and flexibility than ever before. We’re not just talking about professional home services or food delivery apps. The on-demand economy has become about anything you want at your fingertips, as long as you’re willing to pay for it.

As per the recent survey, 51% of entrepreneurs who offer on-demand services have experienced their financial situation has improved far better than the previous year. Moreover, The market for on-demand services is expected to reach a whopping $335 billion by 2025

CRM & Call Center

CRM Software is designed to help businesses offer an impeccable customer experience, from the first prospect interaction to deal closure and beyond.

Your business is dependent on your customers. Streamlining customer interaction across multiple touchpoints and tracking leads and deals from start to closure without a centralized CRM strategy in place is a futile exercise. Without the proper CRM, your sales staff will have a harder time tracking leads and staying on top of their targets. This leads to a drawn out sales cycle, with a generic and sub-par customer experience.

Ensure a seamless integration and customer experience with minimal investment to streamline complex business communication on a robust Cloud Call Center Solution. With an easy to integrate cloud platform, gain deeper valuable insights into everyday customer conversations.

Unified Logistics Platform

“Unified Logistics Platform (ULP System)” is an overarching solution that integrates the information available with various agencies across the supply chain to provide detailed real-time information within a single window.

“Unified Logistics Platform (ULP System)” changes simple vertical data into horizontal valuable information about the supply chain. The key success factor is the participation of major parties at the initial stage.

Visualization of the Supply Chain has led to continuous improvement in Logistics operations which has enabled the Supply Chain industry in achieving the objective of shorter lead time and reduced cost.


Our Next-Generation Video Streaming Delivery Technology that's Powerful, Robust, and Reliable. Reduce expensive Server hosting costs, use our CDN platform instead, fully scalable to meet your client streaming demands with enhanced quality of service and greater audience reach.

High-Quality live streams to large audiences and optimized content delivery within all your private and corporate networks. Our turnkey solution eliminates ISP and local network bottlenecks, is infinitely scalable, and is at its most resilient during peak streaming hours, results.

Hotel Booking Engine

A hotel booking engine is a software application that allows hospitality businesses to provide guests with the option to reserve a property online. It's a system used on hotel websites and social media pages to capture and process direct online reservations.

An online booking engine works by plugging into your hotel website and processing secure online reservations made through the site. The data is then passed onto your property management system so you can access and manage the bookings.

With PMS and channel manager integration your availability is updated immediately upon receiving a reservation, not only in your own system, but across all of your channels.

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